Squirrel Removal

Do you have squirrels looking for food and shelter where they shouldn't? Are you in need of squirrel removal in Massachusetts? Call MassPest.

If you have a squirrel problem, you really should call a specialized squirrel removal company like MassPest. Squirrels are way more destructive and dangerous to your Greater Boston home or business than they are cute. Equipped with sharp teeth and claws and iron jaws, they can easily chew through most building materials and often do, especially in the Massachusetts winter, looking for food and shelter. Even wood is penetrable by a chewing squirrel, which does so, surprisingly, for hygiene purposes. (The wood fibers function as dental floss. It's the same reason you may find a squirrel gnawing on your garden hose or rubber gas lines.) Once they gain entry, squirrels usually try to find their way into attics, where they can pose a grave fire hazard by chewing on wiring and contaminating your insulation with droppings and urine. They also shed quite a bit of hair, which can aggravate allergies. Should a squirrel die in your attic or elsewhere in your home or business, not only will it create a big odor problem, but it will also become a fertile breeding ground for insects and parasites, which can cause further health problems.

You might need a squirrel exterminator for your Massachusetts home if you can say yes to any of these questions:

The best form of squirrel control is effective prevention

Squirrel trapping is a specialized skill requiring specific kinds of equipment and know-how, but preventative pest control for squirrels is something you can do for yourself. The first step to ensure you never have to deal with a squirrel control problem is keeping your home and the area around your home completely closed off to the critters. Even the tiniest crevasse between a foundation and your siding is big enough for a squirrel to squeeze through if they're motivated enough-and in the wintertime, the definitely are!

Also, you'll want to make sure your garbage cans are tightly sealed and that your pet's food dish is taken inside each night if applicable. Squirrels will munch on birdseed, too, if they can get to it. Sweep it up regularly, so they can't. Squirrels are extremely opportunistic, and they're not dumb when it comes to easy food and shelter. Plus, these preventative measure require just a little effort, but can save you the cost of calling in a squirrel trapping professional.

Other types of do-it-yourself squirrel control are a bit more gimmicky and not nearly as reliable. High frequency sound emitters might work for a little while, but squirrels will get used to them before long and then you're back to square one. Another gimmick is "Squirrel Away" or "Hot Pepper Spray." These remedies will actually harm a squirrel, but not make it go away. If the critters get it in their eyes, they might become blind, which can make squirrel trapping even more difficult. Some Greater Boston homeowners have tried mothballs with limited success, but a squirrel who must choose between freezing to death and dealing with an unsavory scent will always opt deal with it and live.

However, if you implement all the preventative measures you possibly can, there's a still a good chance a squirrel will chew its way in. That's when you should call a specialized squirrel exterminator like MassPest to do some squirrel trapping. Once that's accomplished, your MassPest squirrel exterminator will work with you to "squirrel-proof" your home or business by inspecting the exterior and sealing any potential entryways.

For more information on the squirrel trapping services offered by MassPest, or to schedule an in-home consultation to determine the severity of your squirrel infestation, call MassPest, the most successful squirrel trapping professionals in the Greater Boston area.

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