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Massachusetts Pest Control provides 100% effective Pest Control and Removal for Eastern Massachusetts and the Greater Boston Area.

There's nothing pleasant about having a pest control problem in your home or business. Carpenter ants will weaken your wooden structure by tunneling through it. Termites, meanwhile, will do the same by eating it. As for cockroaches, well, they've got their own wretched mystique, but actually really do cause big problems for your home or business. Once they get in, they multiply very fast while feeding on your food supply and secreting a foul-smelling substance.

At Massachusetts Pest Control, we realize the serious danger of a pest infestation not only to your home or place of business, but also to your family or employees. The unsanitary conditions that can result from a pest control problem can create an unwelcome environment for your guests, cause minor to major health problems, transmit disease or even cause death if not dealt with quickly and thoroughly. Our Massachusetts pest removal services are designed to do exactly that. No other Greater Boston pest control company can come close to the level of expertise we bring to the table and to the little nooks, crannies and cracks where pests hide.

Massachusetts Pest Control is ready to wage a pest elimination war on your uninvited colonies of ants

Ants have their good qualities. The way they burrow through soil helps aerate the growing environment for plant life. Ants really aren't a problem until they invade our buildings looking for food and water or to nest. That's when the finest pest control firm in Massachusetts, MassPest, steps in.

Ants have varying preferences for the type of food they're attracted to. While some prefer sugars and proteins, others like fats and oils. Often, when one ant in a colony finds a food item it likes, it goes back to the nest to recruit other ants to help get the food. This is the reason why a large number of ants can suddenly be around an item in a few minutes.

Carpenter Ants are among the most common reasons home and business owners in Massachusetts call a pest removal company like MassPest. Carpenter Ants range from one-eighth to one-half inch with the queen Carpenter Ant being slightly larger. When MassPest is called to a residence in Greater Boston for pest removal services involving Carpenter Ants, we'll often find them nesting in wood and foam insulation. Excessive moisture can also attract ants to nest. Indications we look for include sawdust, fragments of insulation, nest material and the presence of swarmers, adult Carpenter Ants with wings.

If you suspect you might have Carpenter Ants or any other type of any in your home or business, call the Massachusetts exterminators that know how to get rid of them quickly-MassPest.

MassPest can take care of the termites chewing away your wood and property value

Termites know how to eat. Not only wood, but also your life savings. The National Pest Management Association states termites cause more than $5 billion in damage every year. Residents and business people of Massachusetts must eat their fair share of that loss. We at MassPest are one of the few Boston exterminators who know the proper pest elimination techniques to deal with the problem in Greater Boston.

We tailor our pest elimination strategy to the situation. For subterranean colonies, we'll often employ baited traps or simply spray the soil around the home or business with poison. For colonies that have managed to penetrate the exterior of your structure, one of the most common products we use to get rid of termites is called Termidor, a Boston pest control technique that drilling homes in the foundation of your home and injecting this termiticide. The process is completely safe for you and your home. This method is aggressive, but it's one of the quickest fixes you can get for a termite problem.

Termites are tiny by themselves, but the total weight of termites in the world is more than the total weight of humans. Some subterranean colonies can number in the millions. If you think your home or business may be at risk or under attack by these armies of 24-hour wood gnoshers, give the best Massachusetts pest control company against termites, Massachusetts Pest Control, a call today.

Nasty cockroaches get nothing less than complete elimination by this Massachusetts pest removal company

There are so many ways in which cockroaches can be considered pests. Besides their creepy-crawly appearance, cockroaches can transfer germs and cause allergic reactions to their shedded skin and droppings. It's also been documented that cockroaches carry at least 33 kinds of bacteria and six types of parasitic worms. Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures that shack up with us for our food, water and shelter. You'll often find them in food processing and storage areas, and cockroaches are most active when the mercury hits 70 degrees or higher.

The best way to prevent a cockroach infestation is good sanitation habits, vacuuming, surveillance and ensuring cracks and holes in the exterior of your home or business are sealed. However, if you find an army of cockroaches has made it in despite your best effort, your best option is to call the most deadly Massachusetts exterminators in the business-Massachusetts Pest Control.

In addition to the pests already mentioned we also provide pest control and extermination services for bees, bedbugs, fleas, powder post beetles and all other insects in the general pest category.

To learn more about MassPest's Massachusetts pest removal services or to schedule an inspection and quote, contact MassPest today.