Bat Removal

Permanent, humane bat removal in Massachusetts

If you have bats living in your Boston or Massachusetts home or business, you're not the first and certainly won't be the last. As human beings have encroached on the natural habitats for bats, they've been forced to nest in the structures available to them-ours. Indeed, bats are adaptable and resilient creatures, which makes getting rid of them very difficult.

At MassPest, expert humane bat removal and bat pest control services is one of our signature services. However-we're not bat exterminators. We do not kill bats! We strongly advise that you do not hire anyone that kills bats. Although bats are always unwelcome in a home or business they dine on insects like mosquitoes, helping to keep those populations down tremendously. This in turn control the diseases that mosquitoes carry such as EEE.

Instead, MassPest employs a completely humane and 100% effective bat removal process that is backed by a written warranty good for anywhere between 9 months and 2 years.

MassPest's humane bat removal and bat pest control services

MassPest's bat pest control service starts with a practice called bat exclusion. We typically install several pieces of specialized devices over bat's entry points into your home or business that allows bats to leave, but prevent them from returning. This is a proven bat removal technique that is used all across the country. Our bat exclusion services are chemical-free and completely safe for Homeowners.

On our first visit, MassPest will inspect the exterior of your home or business looking for holes as small as 1/2 inch. That's all it takes for a bat to get in! We'll then install our bat removal devices over those holes being used by bats. After that, we inspect the roof and roofline and seal or repair additional holes.

Since the bats can't get back into your structure, they will be forced to move to your neighbor's house! The length of time it takes the bats to leave completely varies by the season. In the summer, bats are more active and will usually be gone within 7-10 days. In the fall and winter, however, it may take several months as bats may hibernate.

Following the exit of the final bat, MassPest will return to remove the bat pest control devices and tightly seal the holes they were covering. We'll then conduct another inspection of your roof to ensure the integrity of previous work. From there, MassPest will present you with a bat pest control warranty that states your home will be bat-free for a minimum of the duration of the warranty.

Bat Droppings Removal (also known as Bat Guano or feces)

The stinky mess bats leave behind can be almost worse than the infestation itself. Though optional, this service is a crucial step to bring your home back to pre-infestation condition. Included in the service is removal of harmful spore-breeding fungi that grows on bat feces, urine-saturated insulation, soiled plywood and more. MassPest highly customers not attempt to perform this task themselves due to risk of exposure to histoplasmosis, a potentially lethal lung disease caused by inhaling airborne spores. MassPest uses specialized HAZMAT-like suits and equipment to do the job.

MassPest's Bat Control Program

MassPest offers a comprehensive bat removal and bat control service plan. We conduct yearly visits to your home to ensure that the bats have not returned. This inspection and warranty extension is repeated on an annual basis, a much more economical option than risking the cost associated with removing another infestation of bats down the line. Once you're a Bat Removal customer you are automatically included in our yearly bat control program.

To learn more about MassPest's Massachusetts bat removal services or to schedule an inspection and quote, contact MassPest today.