About MassPest

Your complete pest control and animal removal solution for Massachusetts.

For problems with animals, insects, bats, squirrels or any other type of pest that drops by uninvited, MassPest is your one-call-gets-'em-all solution to eliminate your pest and animal control problem and ensure it doesn't return.

MassPest is a licensed by the State of Massachusetts to provide both Pest Control and Animal Removal services. MassPest trappers and exterminators have individually received the highest levels of training and certification available in their specialties. They also know the importance of providing great customer service by showing up when they say they will and doing what they say they will without any fuss.

MassPest has successfully removed pests and animals from a wide range of structures in the Greater Boston area. From small houses in rural areas to mansions and large commercial spaces and office buildings in the city, we have a long list of references for success in most any type of pest and animal removal and control situation in Massachusetts.

MassPest provides fully insured extermination and pest elimination services

MassPest is fully insured. Proof of insurance coverage is readily available upon request.

To find out more about MassPest, give us a call.